Good design is ____, 2007 Poster, ink-jet printing, 594 x 841 mm, collaboration with Jihye Park, Mihye Lee

Poster for Mevis & Van Deursen Design Workshop in Seoul

"Good design is ____ " is a graphic design workshop with Mevis, a person of fame in graphic design. With 8group in 2class, I make a team of 3 person. The project assignment is that define "Good design is ____" and make 4 poster week after week. Above all of workshop before i had, this is unique to make design on one team's poster and turn down poster the other team when design was finished. It is very interesting to discuss "What is Good design?" and design with other team. In this situation, we discuss "Good design is ____" and have fun to make. Our conclusion is "Good design is Multiple" to explain variety of graphic design in recent year. So we design each, and make one poster with 3 poster by layering. "Good design is multiple" is not just meaning but also method of design itself.