Diverse Typeface as Drawing Tool, 2008
Poster, offset lithography (3-color process, spot gloss varnish), 700x1000 mm

Self-Initiated project for New Typeface System for N-Generation

This poster has been awarded Certificate of Typographic Excellence in Type Directors Club's TDC54,
the 21st International Poster Biennale, Warsaw 2008 competitive exhibition for the Henryk
Tomaszewski Golden Debut as Qualified Debutants, winner from :Output Award 2008,
Semifinalist from Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Diverse Manual
Leaflet, 210 x 297 mm


The typeface design "Diverse" is a reaction to Herbert Bayer's classic typeface "Universal".
"Universal" uses exclusively straight lines and circles. This rigid formal program prevents
different individuals from expressing themselves in their own personal style.
"Diverse" advances the thesis that something can only be classified as universal
if it allows for a while range of different styles, and does not reduce
everything to one single form.